Introduction to ethical Hacking

The methods and processes to product information and information systems from unauthorized access, and the disclosure of information, usage, or modification are of the greatest importance nowadays. Information security ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability. An organization without security policies and appropriate security rules is at great risk, and the confidential information and data related to that organization are not secure in the absence of these security policies. and organization along with well-defined security policies and procedures help in protecting the assets of that organization from unauthorized access and disclosures. In the modern world, with the latest technologies and platforms, millions of users are interacting with each other every minute. These sixty seconds can be vulnerable and costly to the private and public organizations due to the presence of various types of old and modern threats all over the world.

Public internet is the most common and rapid option for spreading threats all over the world. Malicious Codes and Scripts, Viruses, Spams, and Malware are always waiting for you. That is why the Security risk to a network or a system can never be eliminated. It is always a great challenge to implement a security policy that is effective and beneficial to the organization.

Moving on, let's start the Ethical Hacking Course. We will discuss how you can secure yourself from hacking and solo, how to identify the threats, and help other systems to stay secure!.

Important Data Breach in the history (PART 1)

eBay Data Breach

One of the real-life examples describing the need for information and network security within the corporate network is eBay Data Breach. eBay is a well-known online auction platform that is widely used all over the world.

eBay announced its massive data breach in 2014, which contained sensitive data. One hundred forty-five (145) million customers were estimated to lose their data in the attack.

According to eBay, the data breach compromised the following information:

  • Customers Name
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Date of Birth
This Kind of information must be encrypted instead of stored in plain text. eBay claims that no knowledge relating to security numbers like credit card information was compromised, although identity and password theft can also cause server risk.

eBay database containing financial information such as credit cards and other financial-related information is claimed to be kept in a separate and encrypted format.

The origin of the eBay data breach for hackers is by compromising a small number of employees' credentials via phishing between February & March 2014. Specific employees may be targeted to access eBay's network, or the eBay network itself was entirely being monitored and then compromised.

They claimed the detection of this cyber attack within two weeks.

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